Diesel Forklift Truck, Container Diesel Forklift Truck

Fujian South China Heavy Machinery Manufacture Company Ltd. (also known as SOCMA) is a forklift machinery manufacturer located in China. We are dedicated to providing our global customers with a variety of reliable, durable, energy-efficient, and economically priced products that includes our forklift truck, telescopic handler, and crane telehandler. SOCMA integrates design, production, and marketing to provide our clients with high quality products. Our research and development department works continuously on the improvement, adaptation, innovation, and development of all our products, including our container diesel forklift truck, mine diesel forklift truck, and stone diesel forklift truck. At SOCMA, our ability to combine technological innovation with high product quality is evident in our 2.5 telescopic loader, 4T telescopic lift truck, telescopic crane forklift, and other fine products.

  • Diesel Forklift Truck
  • Diesel Forklift Truck With high performance/cost ratio, the accessories are highly universal and enable simple and quick maintenance.
    The lifting height of the stone diesel forklift truck can be up to over 3m, which is customizable.
    Unique oil cylinder is used which facilitates maintenance for customers.
    The mast made using special roller bearings provides extended life and improved reliability.
    The use of pressure limiting valve ensures misoperation prevention and reduced damage...
  • Container Diesel Forklift Truck
  • Container Diesel Forklift Truck The container diesel forklift truck provides wide shelf design, hydraulic fork control and easy operation.
    The driver's cab is spacious and gives a good view. Additionally, the skylight design offers great comfort.
    The fork special for container is firm and durable.
    Equipped with high quality Dongfeng Cummins turbocharged engine with low oil consumption, and twin-turbo gearbox, the container diesel forklift truck has good performance.
    The diesel forklift truck uses heavy truck type high magnification ratio...
  • Mine Diesel Forklift Truck
  • Mine Diesel Forklift TruckThe mine diesel forklift truck utilizes a powerful diesel engine with reliable performance and good economy.
    With small turning radius, the full hydraulic steering system achieves easy and flexible operation.
    With twin-pump confluence, the hydraulic system drastically reduces the oil and energy consumption.
    The high visibility mast design gives the driver a broad view.
    With high performance/cost ratio, the accessories are highly universal and enable simple ...
  • Stone Diesel Forklift Truck
  • Stone Diesel Forklift TruckThe stone diesel forklift truck uses heavy truck type high magnification ratio braking system to ensure heavy duty braking capability and reliability.
    The forklift truck comes with optimized framework and high stability. The turning radius is small, so the lift truck can steer flexibly and easily.
    The high visibility mast design gives the driver a broad view.
    The special fork for stone is firm and durable with long life...
  • Telescopic Forklift, 3.5T Telehandler
  • 4WD Telescopic Forklift, 3.5T Telehandler The telescopic forklift is applicable to the unstuffing and casing of pellatized goods in containers, as well as handling, stacking and short-distance transportation of a variety of packaged goods. The forklift, suitable for many different working environments, is ideal equipment for loading and unloading, lifting, and transportation in mining, factory, architecture, building material, dock, municipal engineering industries, and more..
  • Telescopic Crane Forklift, 11T Crane Telehandler
  • Telescopic Crane Forklift, 11T Crane Telehandler The HNT110-2 telescopic crane forklift comes with front wheel drive, rear wheel steering, and rigid suspension. The 11T crane telehandler uses hydro-mechanical transmission with two-speed forward and two-speed reverse, full hydraulic power steering, and caliper disc brake. The working units include a two-stage quadrilateral telescopic boom, and a retractable boom. The telescopic crane forklift is not only applicable to lifting the stone slabs in containers, but can be used as a general crane or a fork truck. With high efficiency...

SOCMA products are ISO9001 approved. The high quality and high performance of our forklift machinery is a direct result of our attention to quality control and design, which begins with the acquisition of our raw materials, continues throughout the design and production process, and ends with the delivery of the final product. Our R&D and design personnel, in addition to our advanced CAD, 3D modeling, and structural analysis, enable us to ensure that our product designs meet the application needs of our customers. In fact, key parts of our machines, such as our forklift chain and our guide wheel, have won technical patents. In addition to the optimum production design of our products, we at SOCMA have integrated new generation loader transmission technology into our production process. Therefore, our products offer greatly reduced energy consumption while maintaining reliable performance. Our forklift machines have a 10% lower average energy consumption than similar products of the same tonnage. With high-energy efficiency, our environmentally friendly products are compatible with the development trends and government guidelines in this industry. SOCMA also provides a comprehensive after-sales service network for all our clients. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff is ready to help customers with technical consultation and any other client services required. Our technological innovation, advanced production process, and superior customer service all contribute to the fine quality of our forklift machinery products.

In addition to providing high quality products, we also accommodate our clients' requirements for cost control. One way we accomplish this is through our convenient location. SOCMA is located in Quanzhou City in Fujian Province. This convenient location provides us with easy access to seaports, international airports, and a complete highway network. Therefore, we can provide quick delivery with low shipping charges for our customers. Our high quality and competitively priced products are exported to many countries around the world, including Iran, Brazil, India, and Algeria, to name a few.