Telescopic Crane Lift Truck, 11T Crane Telehandler

Telescopic Crane Lift Truck, 11T Crane Telehandler

The HNT110-2C telescopic crane lift truck provides three-stage telescopic boom, front wheel drive, rear wheel steering, and rigid suspension. The 11T crane telehandler uses hydro-mechanical transmission with two-speed forward and two-speed reverse, full hydraulic power steering, and air-over-oil type drum brake. The working units include the three-stage quadrilateral telescopic boom and a retractable boom. The telescopic crane lift truck is not only applicable to lifting the stone slabs in containers, but can be used as a general crane or a fork truck. With high efficiency, the lift truck has found extensive applications in factory, dock, freight yard, forest farm, building material, warehouse, logistics, and other industries.

Parameters of the Telescopic Crane Lift Truck

Item Data
Rated lifting capacity ≤11000kg
Load center distance (between the front edge of tyre and the load center) / Lifting capacity M 0.5 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
Boom (Kg) 11000 8500 6000 4500 3500 3000 2500 1500
Fork (kg) 5000 2500
Max. lifting height of main hook (between the main lifting hook and the ground) / Max. lifting height of full-extended arm (front lifting point) Fork Boom
7400mm 7300mm/10440mm
Max. horizontal reach of main hook (between the front edge of tyre and the main lifting hook) / Max. reach of full-extended arm Fork Boom
6900mm 4900mm/8400mm
Max. travel speed 25kw/h
Min. ground clearance 365mm
Min. turning radius 6800mm
Gradeability ≥20 %
Tipping angle (upward/downward) Fork 12°/20° Boom 24°/22°
Wheel tread 1825mm
Wheel base 2998mm
Dead weight 13000kg
Overall dimensions (L * W * H) 5400*2200*2530mm
Engine (Dongfeng Cummins) Engine (Yituo Dongfanghong) (Optional) Model 4BT3.9-C100
Rated power 75KW 74KW
Rated speed 2200r/min 2400r/min
Displacement 3.9L 4.6L
Tyre Front wheel *4 (9.00R-20)
Rear wheel *2 (9.00R-20)

Note: the above data are subject to change without prior notice.

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