Mine Diesel Forklift Truck

  • 20T Mine Diesel Forklift TruckWidth : 3020mm
    Height :3500mm
    Mast lifting height :3300mm
    Fork size (L*W*H) :1800X260X100mm
    Min. turning radius :5800mm
  • 25T Mine Diesel Forklift TruckMax. travel speed (with load) : 28Km/h
    Lifting speed (with load):180mm/s
    Gradeability (with load) :20%
    Weight :32000Kg
    Front :4X14.00-24/28PR
Mine Diesel Forklift Truck

Features of Mine Diesel Forklift Truck
1. With large ground clearance and four-wheel drive, our mine diesel forklift truck provides improved cross-country ability and trafficability.
2. The driving wheel uses multifunctional, wide base tyre with cross-country tread pattern, so the fork truck has good cross-country performance and mobility.
3. Reinforced fork and mast special for use in mines provide high strength and are suited for high intensity work.
4. Equipped with high quality Dongfeng Cummins turbocharged engine with low oil consumption, and twin-turbo gearbox, the mine diesel forklift truck has good performance.
5. The drive axle and steering axle are special custom products for the cross-country forklift truck, which provide larger load capacity and meet the requirements of the special working conditions of the cross-country lift truck.
6. The mine diesel forklift truck uses heavy truck type high magnification ratio braking system to ensure heavy duty braking capability and reliability.
7. A unique oil cylinder is utilized to facilitate maintenance for customers and meet the requirements of severe working conditions.
8. The mast made using special roller bearings offers extended lifetime and improved reliability.
9. The pressure limiting valve is used to prevent misoperation and reduce damage to the hydraulic system.
10. The mine diesel forklift truck utilizes a powerful diesel engine with reliable performance and good economy.
11. With small turning radius, the full hydraulic steering system achieves easy and flexible operation.
12. With twin-pump confluence, the hydraulic system drastically reduces the oil and energy consumption.
13. The high visibility mast design gives the driver a broad view.
14. With high performance/cost ratio, the accessories are highly universal and enable simple and quick maintenance.
15. The lifting height can be up to over 3m, which is customizable.
16. The diesel forklift truck offers hydraulic drive, planetary hub reduction gear with stepless control, and easy operation.

Parameters of the Mine Diesel Forklift Truck

Item Unit HNF150M HNF160M HNF200M HNF250M HNF300M
Rated load capacity Kg 15000 16000 20000 25000 30000
Weight Kg 20000 20000 26000 30000 37550
Max. lifting height mm 3500 3500 3300 3300 3000
Load center distance mm 600 600 900 900 1250
Max. lifting speed mm/s 300 300 180 180 290
Mast tilt angle (Front/Rear) deg.  6/12
Max. travel speed Km/h 30 30 25 28 28
Min. turning radius mm 5800 5800 5800 6300 8500
Min. ground clearance mm 250 250 230 230 350
Gradeability % 20
Total length (with fork) mm 7410 7430 7770 8250 8475
Total width mm 2750 2750 3020 3020 3000
Total height mm 3625 3625 3500 3500 3850
Fork size mm 1800*180*90 1800*180*90 2000*260*100 1800*280*110 1800*330*125
Wheelbase mm 3800 3800 4000 4100 4100
Front wheel mm 2060 2060 2200 2200 2160
Rear wheel mm 2330 2330 2390 2390 2150
Rated power kw 142 142 160 179 194
Rated revolution speed rpm 2200 2200 2200 2200 2200
Oil pressure of hydraulic system Mpa 16 16 16 18 18
Tyre specifications
Front   4x12.00-24-18PR 4x12.00-24-18PR 4x14.00-24-24PR 4x14.00-24-28PR 4x14.00-24-28PR
Rear   2x12.00-20-18PR 2x12.00-20-18PR 2x14.00-24-24PR 2x14.00-24-28PR 2x14.00-24-28PR

1. The product parameters are subject to change without prior notice.
2. The actual product may differ slightly from the images shown.

SOCMA is a China-based mine diesel forklift truck manufacturer. We provide various types of products such as diesel forklift truck, telescopic forklift, 3.5T telehandler, and telescopic crane loader.

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